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We are planning our next litter for the end of 2024

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Our puppies are socially shaped very well and get a lot of love with them on the way into their lives. They grow up in the middle of the family and have 24-hour care from their mum and our whole family.

It is important to us to prepare the puppies well for their future life in the new families. They are used to all everyday noises and have a small adventure playground where they can really develop.

When the little ones leave us, they have already been dewormed, vaccinated and chipped several times. You will receive a small package with information about the puppy, EU vaccination certificate, KFT / VDH papers, toys and your usual food with you on the journey to your new home.

We are there for the new families even after the puppies have moved out and are always available to answer any further questions you may have.

We raise our babies with a lot of love. We are looking for responsible puppy parents who invest just as much love, warmth and time as we pass them on to our puppies.

If you want to give a little Westie from our breed a new home, you are welcome to call us on the following telephone number or send us an email:

Tel .: 0461 - 31 01 18



Photos from previous litters of our puppies ...

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