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Fire Fly Whisper Dusk
             - Oliver -

* October 19, 2023

Oliver is a spirited young male who wraps everyone around his little paw with his charm.

I am already looking forward to his further development.

P ride N Precious Icon

- Carlo -

* January 23rd, 2019

  CMO-0, PL-0,  DNA


   German Champion VDH

   German Champion KFT

   Dansk Champion

   2 x BOB

   1 x BOS

   1 x CACIB

   1 x CACIB / DK

   4 x CAC

   2 x RCAC

   1 x RCACIB

   2x CAC / DK

   1 x JBOB

   2 x BIS puppy

   1 x JCAC

   1 x RJCAC

   2 x JCAC / DK


Carlo is the male reinforcement in our house. He is a very spirited young male.

He has a very loving nature and is very strong and  elegant.

W hite Snowshoes Special Surprise
- Toni -

* March 19, 2017


1 x BIS puppy

1 x Res. JCAC


Toni is a very spirited young male. He has a very loving nature.

He has developed into a powerful young male and enchants all two-legged and four-legged friends with his charm.


Toni is owned by Mrs. Becker.

W hite Snowshoes Heartbreaker
- Emile -

* 08/27/2016


1 x BOB

1 x CAC

1 x JCAC, best low runner


Emile is a little heartbreaker. It lives up to its name. He is very powerful and elegant. He has developed into a very beautiful male.


Emile is owned by the Fisbeck family.

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