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B efore buying

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The first thing you should ask yourself is whether you can even muster enough time to keep a dog. Remember a dog's life is around 13-15 years. Are everyone in the family ready to engage with the new family member? Are you allowed to keep a dog in your apartment and would you like to spend your vacation with your four-legged friend or do you have someone you trust the dog can stay with when you go on vacation? A Westie is not a lap dog - it needs a lot of exercise and also a necessary consistency in order for the upbringing to be accepted and respected. Also consider the costs that will come up in the course of a dog's life. It is not only the daily feed, but also dog tax, liability insurance, regular visits to the vet (vaccinations). A Westie should be trimmed every 8-12 weeks. If all of the questions can be answered with "YES", nothing stands in the way of buying a dog.

Buy yourself a book about the breed and first of all familiarize yourself with it. I can recommend the book by Jessica Bohnert "Our dream dog: West Highland White Terrier" It can be ordered from Amazon.

If you still think this breed should be, find a suitable breeder of your choice. Please note the following:

A good breeder answers all of your questions and wants to know a lot from you too. Because he only gives a puppy into responsible hands. In addition, a good breeder does not tell you what you want to hear, but advises you on the basis of his competence and experience, even if he differs from your opinion. Take this as a positive sign!

Let the little ones show you the dog mom and where the puppies are housed. The stud dog rarely lives in the house. Everything looks clean and tidy. Are the puppies open-minded or rather reserved? The imprinting of the first few weeks of life is very important for a puppy. The puppies should only be handed in with a pedigree, dewormed several times, vaccinated, chipped and with an EU pet passport.

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B reeder

A reputable breeder will only sell you a dog with a sales contract. Visit several breeders and then make a selection. Puppies should grow up in the house and garden with many different impressions, such as adventure playground, everyday noises in the household. Puppies from the 6th week must have contact with strangers, children and nature. Not only in summer but also on winter days. This strengthens the immune system and creates an appetite.

This is what distinguishes a good breeder from a dog dealer or multiplier. A dealer or multiplier is only oriented towards selling his puppies cheaply. These poor creatures are not vaccinated, dewormed, or lovingly raised. They come from mass facilities where the bitch is occupied every heat to produce puppies. These puppies are also removed from the mother far too early, there is no social imprint. Most of the time they are very sick and the low price becomes a nightmare, as expensive visits to the vet are often the result. If things get really bad, the little puppy dies.

Buying a dog should never be made spontaneously. You wouldn't do yourself or your dog any good by doing so.

When all of your considerations have been made - a new family member can move in with you without hesitation.

Please do not support the puppy trade

Only buy a puppy from a reputable breeder who breeds in an association!

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