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W hite Snowshoes Peppermint
- Josie

* January 21st, 2021

   CMO-0, PL-0, DNA

  Winner Rostock

  Youth Champion VDH

   2 x BOB

   2 x BOS

   1 x CACIB

   2 x CAC

   4 x RCAC

   3 x JCAC

    2 x RJCAC

   1x JCAC / DK

   1 x Best Young Dog FCI Group 3

  3 x Best Young Dog

   2 x best puppy class

   1 x  2nd BIS puppy

   1 x  3nd BIS puppy

Josie is our hopeful offspring. I am really looking forward to their further development. She is a daughter of our Maxi and our Carlo. It's a very promising bloodline.


Our bitches are enjoying their retirement as princesses to the fullest.


W hite Snowshoes Royal Diamond

- Maxi -

 * April 13th, 2018

    CMO-0, PL-0, DNA


    German Champion KFT

    Champion Denmark

    Youth champion KFT

    Youth champion VDH

    Youth winner Rostock

    4 x BOB

    2 x BOS

    5 x JBOB

    4 x CAC

    5 x RCAC

    5 x JCAC

    1 x CAC / DK

    1 x CACIB / DK


Maxi has developed into a very beautiful young lady. She loves to romp around in nature and also likes to present herself at exhibitions. She has a lovely character, is very self-confident and fearless.


WS_Super Star_3.jpg
W hite Snowshoes Superstar
- Romy -

* December 11th, 2013

PL-0 - DNA

German Champion KFT

Champion Denmark

2 x BOS

1 x JCAC

3 x CAC

3 x RCAC



1 x CAC / DK

1 x RCAC / DK

2 x JCAC / DK

Romy is a very beautiful dog with a lovable character. She is no longer in breeding. She is spending her retirement as a princess with the Papke family.

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