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O rigin and development


The West Highland White Terrier - also called Westie - is one of the successors to the old Scottish hunting terriers. The main lines of development of the breed

  • the Poltalloch Terrier of Colonel Edward Donald Malcolm, Laird of Poltalloch,

  • the White Skye Terriers of the Duke of Argyll, which have become known under the name Roseneath Terrier and

  • the White Scottish Terrier of Dr. Flaxmann from Fifeshire (> Pittenweems <)

can partly be traced back to the 19th century.

The Westie is one of the low-legged terriers that were not necessarily rare in the Scottish highlands at the beginning of the 19th century.

It was previously used for badger hunting because its wiry fur allowed it to penetrate the badger's den without getting injured. Today he is kept as a family dog - but his instincts are still strong.


C haracter and properties

A typical West Highland White Terrier is a two-faced dog. This extraordinarily charming and happy terrier, which with its black button eyes corresponds to the child pattern, is at the same time an intrepid, active dog that is bursting with robustness and does not need to be encouraged to become self-confident. In the family he is a persistent, docile and lovable companion who tries to get his way with charm and sophistication.

It is an ideal playmate for children who adapts to the respective circumstances. He is very alert and intelligent and always loyal to his two-legged friends. He shows no shyness towards other four-legged friends.

  • FCI Standard No. 85

  • Group 3 terriers

  • Section 2 Low-legged terrier

  • without a working trial

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