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Everyone wants to feed their four-legged friend healthily. Unfortunately, it is not always that simple in practice. Have you ever thought about the composition of your dog's food? The declaration of the ingredients is often difficult for us laypeople to recognize. There are things like animal by-products or it contains grain - yes, but what are animal by-products or which grain contains the feed.

Animal by-products can be slaughterhouse waste, feathers, claws, etc. - is that really what we want for our darling ...?

These flours, which are mostly used for dry feed, are usually made from so-called K3 material (disposal material that is no longer approved for human consumption) and in terms of quality cannot be compared in any way with food quality.

The number 1 allergy trigger is still wheat and corn. These things are not part of a healthy diet. Our dogs get itchy, skin problems and expensive veterinary visits follow.

So it is not always the easiest way - open the bag and put the food in - also the best. Anything can be processed in dry food - we can't see it - because it is pressed into small croquettes. That is why you should always pay attention to the declaration. Today there is very good dry food that hardly contains any allergens. If you want to be absolutely sure, you can also buy a dry food without grain. In any case, it shouldn't contain wheat.

Another possibility for a healthy diet is z. B. Barfen, whereby it should be ensured that a special feed plan with meat, vegetables. Herbs and fruits contribute to the diet. If you only have one dog, it is usually too time-consuming. There is now also very high-quality organic canned food on the market.

I personally feed my dogs high quality food-grade food that is free of all allergens. It is grain-free and also has healthy herbs, fruits and minerals that our dog needs every day for a healthy diet. On the weekends I cook for them to add a little variety to the menu. You very often get fish with broccoli and potatoes. They prefer salmon, cod and redfish. Of course, meat is also on the menu. I make sure that it comes from the farmers in our state. My Westies get the same high quality nutrition as we buy them for ourselves. They have healthy skin and a beautiful coat. In addition, you get fruit every day and now and then a raw carrot.

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Q uality

When eating, you should always make sure that the declaration of the content is clearly recognizable and that the meat content of canned food is over 60%. A good composition looks like this, for example:

Duck, millet, carrots, linseed oil 64% meat content exclusively duck, consisting of duck muscle meat, heart, duck stomach, duck liver, duck neck, 26.5% water, 4% millet, 4% carrots, 1% vegetable thickeners, 0.5% linseed oil

Furthermore, the ingredients in the cans should also be recognizable and not processed into a mass. Good food doesn't smell bad either. Your dog will thank you with a healthy appetite, healthy skin, and shiny coat. Of course we want to reward our darling too. Unfortunately, the treats often also contain wheat, colorings and preservatives, which in turn lead to itching and, in light-colored dogs, to discoloration of the coat. Each of us has surely had this annoying problem with his four-legged friend. There are healthy delicacies from the health food store, such as spelled rusks.

The following ingredients are used:

Special features: wheat-free, vegan, contains only the old spelled varieties. Notes: without white sugar Ingredients: spelled flour 81%, whole-grain spelled meal 11%, unhardened vegetable fat, yeast, sea salt, no flavorings.

I also give my Westies favorite sausages and "Struppis" from Terra Canis. These delicious cookies are made without wheat - either with spelled flour or oat flour. You love these cookies. These little treats in between are harmless and the dogs love it. We pay attention to healthy ingredients in our diet and we should do the same with our animals.

If you are interested in a healthy diet, you can always contact me. I am happy to answer your questions and help you.

Tel .: 0049 (0) 461- 31 01 18


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