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A n my dog

Because love can never be taken for granted ...

He's my third eye that looks over clouds

my third ear,

that listens over winds.

He's the part of me

which extends to the sea.

How he leans on my legs

wags his tail at the slightest smile,

shows a pain when I go out without it

tell me a thousand times

that I am the only reason he is there.

If I am wrong, he gladly forgives me.

When I'm angry, he makes me laugh.

If I am happy, he will almost go mad with joy.

If I make a fool of myself, he overlooks it.

If I succeed in something, he praises me.

23.08.2014_German Winner_klein.jpg

D ear

Without him, I'm just one of many.

I am strong with him. He is fidelity itself.

He taught me the importance of devotion.

Through him I experience spiritual comfort

and inner peace.

He taught me to understand

where before there was only ignorance.

His head on my knee

heals my human pain.

I'm not afraid in his presence

from darkness and the unknown.

He promised to wait for me ...

Whenever and wherever ...

I could use it.

And I need him - like I always have.

It is just my dog.


Source: unknown

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