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W elcome

We, that is my husband, our Westies Jessy, Maxi, Carlo and I live where others go on vacation - in beautiful Schleswig-Holstein - in Flensburg. We are fortunate enough to live by the forest and only a few minutes from the dog beach. My dogs love long walks in the forest, on the beach and swimming in the Baltic Sea.

My dogs live with us in the house and garden. They are full family members, there is no kennel keeping.

I got my first Westie in the early 90s. From then on it was over to me and the love for this breed never let go of me.


A bout us

Then a few years ago I started exhibiting my Westies. I am a member of the KFT / VDH / FCI and have my kennel name "White Snowshoes" protected. Since then I have been breeding this wonderful breed.

I attach great importance to health and characteristics corresponding to the breed standard as well as strength of character.

I only have puppies from excellent matings once or twice a year. I breed according to the strict rules of the KFT / VDH.

If you would like to get to know my Westies, you are welcome to come by for a cup of coffee or cappuccino. Please call me or send me an email to make an appointment. We are looking forward to your visit.

Sincerely yours

Birgit Ruhle

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