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A  breeder


A breeder is someone who thirsts for knowledge and yet he never knows everything. He wrestles with choices between common sense, convenience, and obligation.

A breeder sacrifices personal interests, finances, time, friendships, precious furniture and precious carpets. He swaps a luxury trip for the all-important exhibition that is in the middle of the holiday season.

A breeder spends hours without sleep but never without coffee to plan a mating or to wait anxiously for the upcoming birth - to watch over every sneeze, crawl and squeak afterwards.

A breeder does not have a gala dinner because a birth is imminent or the puppies have to be fed at 8 a.m. He overlooks the birth fluid, puts his mouth on the weak puppy to literally breathe life into the helpless newborn. It could be the realization of lifelong dreams.

The breeder's lap is a great place where generations of proud and noble dogs slumber.

The breeder's hands are strong and firm - often dirty and yet again sensitive to nudging a small, wet puppy's nose.


D ear

The breeder's back and knees usually ache from bending over and crouching in the whelping box. But they are strong enough to show the promising offspring at the next exhibition.

A breeder's arms are strong enough to simultaneously swipe, carry an arm full of puppies, and lend a hand to the novice.

The breeder's ears are strange shapes - sometimes red from talk, sometimes flat from the telephone receiver, sometimes deaf from criticism and then again prickly for the whine of a puppy.

The breeder's eyes are cloudy from studying the pedigree, sometimes blind to his own breeding errors and yet so keen in the perception of those of the competition. You are always looking for the perfect species.

The breeder's brain is sometimes clouded with faces and yet he can reproduce a pedigree faster than a computer. He's so full of knowledge that sometimes a fuse blows. It stores thousands of good bones, fine ears, perfect heads and buries deep in the soul the mistakes and everything that did not turn out as hoped.

The breeder's heart is often broken but always full of hope and it is in the right place.

Oh yes there are such breeders and there are also breeders ....... but that's another topic.

Source: unknown

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